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Rank Name Raised
N/A Quintin Mack Quintin Mack $0
N/A Quinton Miller Quinton Miller $0
N/A Quinton Ridgell Quinton Ridgell $0
N/A Quishaun Holmes Quishaun Holmes 2years $0
N/A Quovadis Lackland Quovadis Lackland $0
N/A Quyen Nguyen Quyen Nguyen 2years $0
N/A Qwanquita Wright Qwanquita Wright $0
N/A R Alpert R Alpert 2years $0
N/A R Given R Given 2years $0
N/A R Laverne Miller R Laverne Miller $0
N/A R Lee Austin R Lee Austin $0
N/A R Milburn R Milburn $0
N/A R Mitchell R Mitchell $0
N/A R Schwartz R Schwartz $0
N/A R T R T $0
N/A Ra Daze Ra Daze $0
N/A Ra Mertz Ra Mertz $0
N/A Rabeel Sadiq Rabeel Sadiq $0
N/A Rabia Abbasi Rabia Abbasi $0
N/A Rabin Basnet Rabin Basnet $0