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Rank Name Raised
8947th Luis Chaviedo Luis Chaviedo 3years $421
8948th Norman Baker Norman Baker $421
8949th Dustin Deisher Dustin Deisher 3years $421
8950th Amanda DULAC Amanda DULAC $421
8951st Tanya Hanson Tanya Hanson $421
8952nd Kaytlen Araujo Kaytlen Araujo $421
8953rd Elaine Williams Elaine Williams $420
8953rd Ken Herman Ken Herman 6years $420
8558th Patrick Shimek Patrick Shimek $420
8955th Erasmo Ramos Erasmo Ramos 2years $420
8956th Raymond Ward Raymond Ward $420
8957th Alisha Riepma Alisha Riepma $420
8957th Robert Savage Robert Savage $420
8959th Richard Runnals Richard Runnals 4years $420
8960th Renee Dyer Ball Renee Dyer Ball $420
8961st Synthia de Saussure Synthia de Saussure 2years $419
8962nd Amanda Cantalupo Amanda Cantalupo $419
8962nd Dave Fralick Dave Fralick $419
8962nd Philip Torres Philip Torres $419