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Rank Name Raised
8978th Dawn Casares Dawn Casares 4years $402
16678th Sarah Horstmann Sarah Horstmann 4years $401
8979th Iain Taylor Iain Taylor 2years $401
8980th Jason Roberts Jason Roberts $401
8981st LuAnn Baker LuAnn Baker $401
8982nd Beth Oyler Beth Oyler 2years $401
8983rd Richard Bonnette Richard Bonnette 5years $401
8984th Greg Gaedeke Greg Gaedeke $401
8985th Chriz Preciado Chriz Preciado 6years $401
8986th Manuel Vicente Freire-Del-Pozo Manuel Vicente Freire-Del-Pozo 2years $401
8987th Edith Berry Edith Berry $400
8988th Jennifer Hancock Ballard Jennifer Hancock Ballard 6years $400
8989th Dani Einsig Dani Einsig 4years $400
8990th shannon creighan shannon creighan $400
8991st John Billings John Billings $400
8992nd Stephen Greenberg Stephen Greenberg 2years $400
8993rd James Cooke James Cooke 5years $400
8994th Ali Abu-Okal Ali Abu-Okal $400
8994th Pamela Mead Pamela Mead 2years $400
8996th Lisa Erspamer Robinson Lisa Erspamer Robinson 3years $400