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Rank Name Raised
159th Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 2years $1,208
160th Jeremy Holbrook Jeremy Holbrook 3years $1,206
161st James Fletcher James Fletcher 3years $1,205
162nd Joe Mobus Joe Mobus 3years $1,204
163rd Lee Croal Lee Croal $1,203
164th Roger Solomon Roger Solomon 2years $1,203
165th Brenda Godden-Francis Brenda Godden-Francis 2years $1,201
166th Debra Marazzo Debra Marazzo 2years $1,200
167th Anthony McCauliff Anthony McCauliff 2years $1,200
168th Michael Harris Michael Harris 2years $1,195
169th Kathleen Halleck Kathleen Halleck 5years $1,192
170th George Thomas Gagnon George Thomas Gagnon 5years $1,189
171st David Zimmer David Zimmer 2years $1,181
172nd Kimberly Bowman Kimberly Bowman $1,181
173rd Christa Beristain Christa Beristain 2years $1,180
174th Bob Potter Bob Potter 2years $1,177
175th Kevin Hitzemann Kevin Hitzemann 3years $1,174
176th Brad Sterkenburg Brad Sterkenburg $1,173
177th Keith Massey Keith Massey $1,172
178th Jennifer Hunt Jennifer Hunt 4years $1,172