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Rank Name Raised
8781st Lupe Rodriguez Lupe Rodriguez 2years $436
8782nd Tim Forrest Tim Forrest $436
8783rd Asad Hussain Asad Hussain 2years $436
8784th Haleigh Holdcroft-Leather Haleigh Holdcroft-Leather $436
8785th Ethan Weirbach Ethan Weirbach $436
8786th Collin Clements Collin Clements 4years $436
8787th Lyric McKnight Lyric McKnight 5years $436
8788th Courtney Kramer Courtney Kramer 2years $435
8789th Cyndee Arruda Cyndee Arruda $435
8790th Bill Kahn Bill Kahn 5years $435
8791st Sheriana Kasim Sheriana Kasim $435
8792nd Dennis Gulczynski Dennis Gulczynski 2years $435
8792nd Wayne Giese Wayne Giese 2years $435
8794th Brenda Blackham Brenda Blackham 4years $435
8795th Shannon Jones Shannon Jones 4years $435
8796th Kara Kelly Kara Kelly 3years $435
8797th David Carr David Carr 5years $435
8798th Frankie White Frankie White $435
8798th Ken Crum Ken Crum $435
8800th Miley Grandjean Miley Grandjean $435