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Rank Name Raised
206th Rob Luis Rob Luis 6years $190
N/A Robert McDowell Robert McDowell 3years $0
N/A Robert McKell Robert McKell $0
405th Rory Crawford Rory Crawford 4years $65
426th Ryan Keith Ryan Keith 3years $57
N/A Sandy Yazzie Sandy Yazzie 7years $0
N/A Sarah Smith Sarah Smith 2years $0
N/A Scott Bruckner Scott Bruckner 4years $0
N/A Shane Lavin Shane Lavin 2years $0
N/A Sierra Arguilez Sierra Arguilez $0
316th Skip Jensen Skip Jensen 5years $104
485th Spencer Clayton Spencer Clayton 4years $36
205th Steve Rosenthal Steve Rosenthal $191
8th Steve Sapita Steve Sapita 3years $2,070
N/A Tannor Garnsey Tannor Garnsey 2years $0
N/A Teresa Hennebury Teresa Hennebury 3years $0
232nd Tina Marie Addison Tina Marie Addison 3years $155
364th Tom Rauch Tom Rauch 5years $87
N/A Tony Haldaway Tony Haldaway 4years $0
N/A Tony Kang Tony Kang 2years $0