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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ray Best Ray Best $0
1022nd Raymond Fuller Raymond Fuller $335
1293rd Rayna Farrar Rayna Farrar $274
N/A Ricardo Sandoval Ricardo Sandoval $0
N/A Richard Babb Richard Babb $0
4391st Richard French Richard French $50
1st Richard Schwenk Richard Schwenk $10,175
N/A Richard Townsend Richard Townsend $0
3511th Rob Handschuh Rob Handschuh $78
N/A Rob Powell Rob Powell $0
1560th Rob Winchester Rob Winchester $228
N/A Robert Benda Robert Benda $0
N/A Robert Markle Robert Markle $0
N/A Robert Riggs Robert Riggs $0
N/A Robert Schutte Robert Schutte $0
6605th Robert Szajna Robert Szajna $15
1191st Rogerio Vilela Rogerio Vilela $292
2180th Rolando Lozoya Rolando Lozoya $151
2874th Ron Sims Ron Sims $104
N/A Rosalie Richards Rosalie Richards $0