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Rank Name Raised
N/A Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $0
N/A Gregg Spaulding Gregg Spaulding $0
N/A Guy Stoil Guy Stoil $0
N/A Hillary Miller Hillary Miller $0
N/A Hoffman Kelvin Hoffman Kelvin $0
N/A Ian Paulsen Ian Paulsen $0
N/A Ian Vysick Ian Vysick $0
N/A Ida Nisly Ida Nisly $0
N/A Jackie Stoner Jackie Stoner $0
N/A James Allen James Allen $0
N/A James Smith James Smith $0
N/A Jamie Goff Jamie Goff $0
N/A Jamie Pelletier Jamie Pelletier $0
N/A Jan Blackburn Jan Blackburn $0
N/A Janet Graham Janet Graham $0
N/A Janice Veteran Janice Veteran $0
N/A Jason Hendry Jason Hendry $0
N/A Jason Horn Jason Horn $0
N/A Jason Lewis Jason Lewis $0
N/A Jason Sina Jason Sina $0