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Rank Name Raised
9209th Cassi Rose Spicer Cassi Rose Spicer 2years $377
9210th Rhonda Henshall-Powell Rhonda Henshall-Powell 2years $377
9211th Jenny Overland Jenny Overland $377
9212th Lainey Curran Lainey Curran $377
9213th Tracy Williams Tracy Williams 4years $377
9214th Kelly Walton Kelly Walton 5years $377
9215th Mykul Hicks Mykul Hicks $377
9216th Ray Chinchilla Ray Chinchilla 3years $377
9217th Terry Ziemba Terry Ziemba $376
9218th Laura Barlow Laura Barlow 4years $376
9219th Steven Rodriguez Steven Rodriguez $376
9220th Larisa Harpst Larisa Harpst 2years $376
9221st Amanda Williams Amanda Williams $376
9222nd Kelly Megara Kelly Megara 4years $376
9223rd Yaima Barban Yaima Barban 2years $375
9224th Adrien Oueini Adrien Oueini $375
9225th Jeff Minnis Jeff Minnis $375
9226th Caitlin Cross Caitlin Cross $375
9226th Kristin Gillespie Kristin Gillespie 2years $375
9226th Maricela Chavez Maricela Chavez $375