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Rank Name Raised
3133rd Roger Penn Roger Penn $1,012
16437th Diego Patricio Coronel Villacis Diego Patricio Coronel Villacis $36
5993rd Neal Johnson Neal Johnson $614
3rd Rob Lubas Rob Lubas 5years $24,324
N/A Cory Paquin Cory Paquin 3years $0
993rd Raymond Bartlett Raymond Bartlett 5years $2,134
821st Brian Woodward Brian Woodward $2,469
1364th Phillip Temple Phillip Temple 2years $1,697
16437th Tom Buckley Tom Buckley 3years $36
3069th Barry Parker Barry Parker 2years $1,025
14663rd John Tonetti John Tonetti 4years $83
1936th Steven McNicoll Steven McNicoll 3years $1,370
735th Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak 7years $2,571
1691st Tom Berge Jr. Tom Berge Jr. $1,500
9381st Ilya Viner Ilya Viner 2years $400
1054th Seth Millman Seth Millman 5years $2,061
4244th Michael Meyer Michael Meyer 2years $800
2378th Daniel Moxey Daniel Moxey 4years $1,195
3789th Rose Anne Browne Rose Anne Browne $873
1929th Allan Nash Allan Nash 3years $1,375