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Rank Name Raised
N/A janet herman janet herman $2,253
1265th Dan Tulip Dan Tulip $1,820
615th Pete Gatlin Pete Gatlin $2,671
12166th Brent Wood Brent Wood $358
438th Phillip Rouse Phillip Rouse $3,036
15714th Adam Fox Adam Fox $166
N/A Adam Larousse Adam Larousse $0
N/A ADonta Lewis ADonta Lewis $0
N/A Alan Adams Alan Adams $0
N/A Alex Arevalo Alex Arevalo $0
18305th Alfonso Chip Lau Alfonso Chip Lau $98
2219th Allan Nash Allan Nash $1,302
24580th Alvin Clinch Jr Alvin Clinch Jr $10
N/A Amalio De Leon Amalio De Leon $0
N/A Amanda Torres Amanda Torres $0
N/A Amrit Singh Amrit Singh $0
N/A Anand Khariwala Anand Khariwala $0
155th Andrew Black Andrew Black $4,497
N/A Andrew Carrillo Andrew Carrillo $0
4255th Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis $900