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Rank Name Raised
657th David Morrison David Morrison 7years $680
N/A David Sadowski Jr David Sadowski Jr $0
N/A Daz Jose Daz Jose $0
N/A Debbie Wettengel Debbie Wettengel $0
5137th Denise Brown Denise Brown 7years $57
149th Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito 4years $1,640
N/A Derick Lytle Derick Lytle $0
N/A Dillon Hawkley Dillon Hawkley $0
923rd Donald sharp Donald sharp 3years $559
5082nd Donlee Sessoms Donlee Sessoms 3years $62
N/A Dustin Cook Dustin Cook $0
61st Dustin Langevin Dustin Langevin 4years $2,539
5230th Dwayne Palme Dwayne Palme 2years $52
N/A Edmond Hajrullahu Edmond Hajrullahu 3years $0
N/A Eduardo Solorzano Eduardo Solorzano 3years $0
N/A Enrique Jimenez Enrique Jimenez 3years $0
67th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard 7years $2,506
N/A Fabio Lucas Fabio Lucas $0
381st Fernando Sattaur Fernando Sattaur 5years $935
7403rd gary citron gary citron 4years $31