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Rank Name Raised
245th Matthew Cook Matthew Cook 2years $3,928
246th Laura Gagne Laura Gagne 3years $3,927
247th Donna Matocha Donna Matocha 5years $3,917
248th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra 7years $3,914
248th Tim Sullivan Tim Sullivan $2,789
249th Ashley Griggs Ashley Griggs $3,911
250th Dick Bridy Dick Bridy $3,908
251st Michael Wilder Michael Wilder 7years $3,902
252nd Marianne Allen Marianne Allen 2years $3,898
253rd Bruce Bertrand Bruce Bertrand 2years $3,886
254th Gene Kassmeyer Gene Kassmeyer $3,870
255th Cathy Nazzaro Cathy Nazzaro 7years $3,855
256th Dayna Alexander Dayna Alexander $3,854
257th Christopher Spalding Christopher Spalding $3,852
258th Joel Biller Joel Biller 6years $3,852
259th Kassandra Elbert Kassandra Elbert 4years $3,850
260th Scott Posey Scott Posey 4years $3,841
261st Cheryl Voutour Cheryl Voutour 5years $3,825
262nd Homer Thompson Homer Thompson 2years $3,824
263rd Carole Kunze Carole Kunze 4years $3,815