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Rank Name Raised
40th Mike Gassner Mike Gassner $8,753
41st Jim Catteau Jim Catteau 4years $8,329
42nd Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols 3years $8,222
43rd Joanne Weinoe Joanne Weinoe $10,118
43rd Michael Balinskas Michael Balinskas 6years $8,139
44th John Zrebny John Zrebny 3years $8,055
45th John E Yingst John E Yingst $7,850
46th JODY THOMAS JODY THOMAS 6years $7,849
47th Kevin Bowler Kevin Bowler 2years $7,849
48th Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton 4years $7,829
49th Steven Larky Steven Larky 2years $7,714
50th David Drews David Drews 7years $7,679
51st David Zilkowski David Zilkowski 5years $7,609
52nd Tom Turkula Tom Turkula $7,606
53rd Wyatt Baker-Schwab Wyatt Baker-Schwab $7,573
54th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger 5years $7,512
55th Mike Wendelgass Mike Wendelgass 3years $7,401
56th Laura Gagne Laura Gagne 4years $7,361
57th Joseph W Lambert Jr Joseph W Lambert Jr 6years $7,357
58th Steven Smith Steven Smith 3years $7,345