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Rank Name Raised
174th Pauline Parker Pauline Parker $816
175th David Miller David Miller $815
176th Michael Ross Michael Ross $813
177th Margaret Smith Fredrickson Margaret Smith Fredrickson $811
178th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $811
179th Dylan Dunaway Dylan Dunaway $808
180th Matthew Cook Matthew Cook $807
181st C. Bradford Banks C. Bradford Banks $803
182nd Mark Anthony Schoenstein Mark Anthony Schoenstein $803
183rd John Martin John Martin $801
184th Michael Tribble Michael Tribble $800
185th Bryan Buckley Bryan Buckley $800
186th Howard Lord Howard Lord $800
187th John Brennan John Brennan $799
188th Connie Fuelling Connie Fuelling $798
189th Jodi Blubaugh Jodi Blubaugh $788
190th Jim Perlberg Jim Perlberg $786
191st Gary Wilkerson Gary Wilkerson $785
192nd Wesley Hare Wesley Hare $781
193rd Gordon Johnson Gordon Johnson $779