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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ethan Allen Ethan Allen $0
N/A Francisco Yohuen Zepeda Francisco Yohuen Zepeda $0
N/A Frank Krebs Frank Krebs $0
N/A Gabe Palmer Gabe Palmer $0
N/A Gabriel Morner Gabriel Morner $0
N/A Gabriela Contreras Gabriela Contreras $0
N/A Gail Choate Gail Choate $0
N/A Gene Kelsey Gene Kelsey $0
N/A George Musick George Musick $0
N/A Gerry Macias Gerry Macias $0
N/A Greg Florey Greg Florey $0
N/A Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $0
N/A Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $0
N/A Gus Mendoza Gus Mendoza $0
N/A Harry Boleman Harry Boleman $0
N/A Heidi McLemore Heidi McLemore $0
N/A Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $0
N/A Isabell O’Donnell Isabell O’Donnell $0
N/A Ivan Cedron Ivan Cedron $0
N/A Jacob Smith Jacob Smith $0