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Rank Name Raised
320th Tobey Layne Tobey Layne 6years $3,948
321st Cheryl Voutour Cheryl Voutour 5years $3,925
322nd Michael Craffey Michael Craffey $3,924
323rd Gulnar Haji Gulnar Haji $3,909
324th Doris Aoun Doris Aoun 2years $3,904
325th Clay Smalley Clay Smalley 2years $3,897
326th Gene Kassmeyer Gene Kassmeyer $3,870
327th Alice Salvi Alice Salvi $3,870
328th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 4years $3,864
329th Jay Tepper Jay Tepper 4years $3,852
331st Tracy OQuin Tracy OQuin 5years $3,845
332nd Lynk Servey Lynk Servey 2years $3,842
333rd Vicki Wheeler Vicki Wheeler 2years $3,833
334th Alex Owen Alex Owen 2years $3,822
335th Helene Atkins Helene Atkins 7years $3,821
336th Lita Burnett Lita Burnett $831
336th Michael Petrone Michael Petrone $3,811
337th Abbie Miller Abbie Miller 3years $3,809
338th Andrew Marley Andrew Marley $3,805