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Rank Name Raised
71st Mike Schreck Mike Schreck 2years $6,798
4907th Rick Mosher Rick Mosher 5years $713
21st luke astell luke astell $11,409
7103rd Adam Downs Adam Downs 5years $540
4183rd Mike Anderson Mike Anderson 3years $807
17475th Peter Rajcani Peter Rajcani 4years $33
512th Ciaran Tully Ciaran Tully 4years $2,925
N/A Brandon Reinholt Brandon Reinholt 2years $0
N/A Charles Ragsdale Charles Ragsdale 3years $0
N/A Carolyn Beck Carolyn Beck 2years $0
9159th Dave Waldburger Dave Waldburger 4years $417
225th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman 5years $4,104
N/A Eric Foltz Eric Foltz 7years $0
705th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 5years $2,609
N/A Joseph Bernath Joseph Bernath 6years $0
1088th Don Cook Don Cook $2,006
9326th Kelly Leavitt Kelly Leavitt 2years $404
3714th Tim Moran Tim Moran $886
6077th Michael DeLooze Michael DeLooze $607
13128th daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth 3years $135