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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich 4years $0
N/A Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder 5years $0
N/A John Kreamer John Kreamer 7years $0
N/A john richard miller john richard miller 2years $0
N/A Konner Perez Konner Perez 2years $0
54th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 3years $26
N/A Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $0
9th MaryBeth Sosa MaryBeth Sosa $279
N/A Michael Sconyers Michael Sconyers 3years $0
57th Pamela Harper Pamela Harper 5years $25
N/A Patrick O'Hagerty Patrick O'Hagerty 2years $0
N/A Priti Rastogi Priti Rastogi 3years $0
N/A Seth Fineman Seth Fineman 4years $0
N/A Shaundi Boyce Shaundi Boyce 4years $0
54th Vincent Artale Jr Vincent Artale Jr 2years $26
46th William Melilli William Melilli 4years $40
N/A 재윤 이 재윤 이 3years $0
N/A Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu 4years $0
13th Jason Horn Jason Horn 4years $214
N/A Eduardo Macias Eduardo Macias 4years $0