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Rank Name Raised
N/A Manyfaces Bruno Manyfaces Bruno $0
N/A Brian Herne Brian Herne $0
N/A Andrea Lafferty Andrea Lafferty $0
N/A Jeremy Yuin Jeremy Yuin $0
N/A Jose Romero Jose Romero $0
3540th Linda Harwood Linda Harwood $35
N/A Jillian Torres Jillian Torres $0
N/A Brandon Bayard Brandon Bayard $0
N/A Brandon Townsend Brandon Townsend $0
N/A Evan Morris Evan Morris $0
N/A Kyle Lenseth Kyle Lenseth $0
N/A Maria del Pilar Cruz Maria del Pilar Cruz $0
N/A Noel Nunez Noel Nunez $0
N/A Christ Cruz Christ Cruz $0
N/A Steven Kelley Steven Kelley $0
N/A Sebastian Garcia Sebastian Garcia $0
N/A cody gillett cody gillett $0
5th Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen $4,211
N/A Caridad McDonald Caridad McDonald $0
N/A Chase Miller Chase Miller $0