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Rank Name Raised
4463rd Charles Ramirez Charles Ramirez $30
N/A Charles Ward Charles Ward $0
N/A Charman Adame Charman Adame $0
1475th Chet Brzezinski Chet Brzezinski $155
N/A Chloe Troupe Chloe Troupe $0
N/A Chris Lanier Chris Lanier $0
N/A Chris Pritchard Chris Pritchard $0
2419th Christina Bonetti Christina Bonetti $95
N/A Christopher beeler Christopher beeler $0
89th Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak $1,072
N/A Ciaran Tully Ciaran Tully $0
N/A Cody Downing Cody Downing $0
N/A Corey Curtiss Corey Curtiss $0
N/A Corey Kawazoye Corey Kawazoye $0
4064th Cory Colvin Cory Colvin $35
N/A Dale Grendahl Dale Grendahl $0
1540th Damien Wilde Damien Wilde $150
1123rd Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $212
N/A Dan Tillis Dan Tillis $0
N/A Dana Boeshans Dana Boeshans $0