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Rank Name Raised
1271st Laura Baggett Laura Baggett 7years $320
N/A Laura christie Laura christie $0
N/A Laura Heckendorf Laura Heckendorf $0
4820th Laurie Anderson Laurie Anderson $36
6476th Lawrence Logue Lawrence Logue $26
N/A Lawrence McBride Lawrence McBride $0
N/A Leah Gainer Leah Gainer $0
N/A leah Hohn leah Hohn 4years $0
N/A Leah Moyer Leah Moyer $0
1299th Lee Kimbriel Lee Kimbriel 3years $312
N/A Leena Rykel Leena Rykel $0
1136th Leidy J. Vargas Leidy J. Vargas 2years $362
N/A Leierra craig Leierra craig $0
4820th Leigh Ann Moriarty Leigh Ann Moriarty $36
N/A Leightiana Valmir Leightiana Valmir $0
N/A Leighton Munger Leighton Munger $0
4820th Lela Castaneda Lela Castaneda 4years $36
N/A Leon Amon Leon Amon 2years $0
2910th Leon Bouknight Leon Bouknight 3years $104
N/A Leon Collins Leon Collins $0