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Rank Name Raised
153rd pam frisk pam frisk $833
154th Susan Buck Susan Buck $827
155th Matthew Anklan Matthew Anklan $827
156th John Brunette John Brunette $827
157th Doug Farrington Doug Farrington $826
158th Karen Boyle Karen Boyle $826
159th Al McDonnell Al McDonnell $825
160th Tracy Crosby Tracy Crosby $823
161st Brian  Phelps Brian Phelps $822
162nd Bruce Bertrand Bruce Bertrand $390
162nd Norman Kzaz Norman Kzaz $816
163rd Pauline Parker Pauline Parker $816
164th David Miller David Miller $815
165th Michael Ross Michael Ross $813
166th Margaret Smith Fredrickson Margaret Smith Fredrickson $811
N/A Adrian Majewski Adrian Majewski $0
167th Dylan Dunaway Dylan Dunaway $808
168th John Martin John Martin $801
169th Mary Ruberti Mary Ruberti $801
170th Michael Tribble Michael Tribble $800