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Rank Name Raised
5162nd Chris Dansdill Chris Dansdill $779
11702nd Adam Downs Adam Downs $411
14678th Jonte Brown Jonte Brown $207
169th David Spitulnik David Spitulnik $4,353
N/A Steve Dahof Steve Dahof $0
N/A Bryce Mautino Bryce Mautino $0
1082nd Bill Block Bill Block $2,025
3040th Mike Wapner Mike Wapner $1,100
N/A Dylan Friss Dylan Friss $0
18069th Bill Pearce Bill Pearce $100
1875th WarrenandJeanne Goodwine WarrenandJeanne Goodwine $1,446
N/A Melanie Killam Melanie Killam $0
2489th Jack Scullion Jack Scullion $1,222
1064th Charles Saville Charles Saville $2,050
553rd Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito $2,802
11412th Jerry Smith  Jr Jerry Smith Jr $447
N/A Andy Liu Andy Liu $0
3219th Ken Clark Ken Clark $1,068
14579th Wes Parker Wes Parker $211
12549th Cory Colvin Cory Colvin $328