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Rank Name Raised
N/A Marc Wildeman Marc Wildeman $0
16991st Melvin Gonzalez Melvin Gonzalez $124
556th Adir Sharon Adir Sharon $2,822
5329th Mark Schimmelpfenig Mark Schimmelpfenig $1,343
12028th LeeAnn Perea LeeAnn Perea $374
7764th Hock Seh Hock Seh $596
15477th Alina Maiboroda Alina Maiboroda $176
N/A Corey Patterso Corey Patterso $0
N/A Dale Carter Dale Carter $0
N/A Gedeon Pagarigan Gedeon Pagarigan $0
10816th Paul Schwer Paul Schwer $501
12269th Jeremy Hazel Jeremy Hazel $352
N/A Reed Woodworth Reed Woodworth $0
6275th James Chaves James Chaves $684
2250th Kerry Budry Kerry Budry $1,296
4322nd daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth $896
6060th Melissa Peck Melissa Peck $701
41st Mike Battersby Mike Battersby $8,509
12412th Jorge Vargas Jorge Vargas $342
14530th Wendy Mader Wendy Mader $217