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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ian Paulsen Ian Paulsen $0
N/A Ian Vysick Ian Vysick $0
N/A Ida Nisly Ida Nisly $0
N/A Ingo Tophoven Ingo Tophoven $0
140th Isaura Gonzalez Isaura Gonzalez $72
N/A issac Erickson issac Erickson $0
N/A Izabela Wysocka Izabela Wysocka $0
N/A Jack Benjamin Jack Benjamin $0
233rd Jack Goslee Jack Goslee $35
N/A Jackie Stoner Jackie Stoner $0
N/A Jacob Will Jacob Will $0
N/A Jacqueline Kinkade Jacqueline Kinkade $0
N/A Jacquelyn Fields McArthur Jacquelyn Fields McArthur $0
N/A James Allen James Allen $0
N/A James Chohrach James Chohrach $0
N/A James Fletcher James Fletcher $0
N/A James Rathburn James Rathburn $0
N/A James Scott James Scott $0
38th James Simmons James Simmons $200
N/A James Smith James Smith $0