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Rank Name Raised
4723rd Danny LaVardera Danny LaVardera $757
19231st Holly England Holly England $62
9144th Shirley Clausell Shirley Clausell $501
10450th Timothy Clough Timothy Clough $501
612th Pablo Londono Pablo Londono $2,503
6779th Michael Phillips Michael Phillips $600
N/A Jason Geenbank Jason Geenbank $0
3728th Paul Size Paul Size $888
12972nd Chelsea Lynn Chelsea Lynn $254
6519th Lola Marie Rhinow Lola Marie Rhinow $615
8321st Rainsford Deware Rainsford Deware $521
N/A Luu Hoang Luu Hoang $0
9222nd Julie adair Julie adair $500
6410th Amber Waide Amber Waide $621
16340th Bella DeArmitt Bella DeArmitt $124
N/A Andres Isaza Andres Isaza $0
726th Chris Page Chris Page $2,258
6047th Susan Black Susan Black $644
7995th Sarena Nelson Sarena Nelson $535
17095th Greg Cadieux Greg Cadieux $104