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Rank Name Raised
2027th Allan Nash Allan Nash 3years $1,432
6453rd Felipe De Bedout Felipe De Bedout 3years $614
N/A Andy Arhelger Andy Arhelger 2years $0
N/A Dindo Francisco Dindo Francisco 2years $0
N/A Vann Mangum Vann Mangum 2years $0
109th Bill Berned Bill Berned 4years $6,112
1785th Tony Solis Tony Solis 3years $1,557
16746th Ed Langone Ed Langone 3years $36
2059th Marie Haas Marie Haas 2years $1,415
N/A Joseph Morey Joseph Morey $0
2605th Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon 7years $1,205
13398th Steven King Steven King $139
5194th vincent bompensiero vincent bompensiero 3years $725
13502nd Jeff Pedals Jeff Pedals 2years $133
N/A Daren Pelletier Daren Pelletier $0
5700th Ethan Nutter Ethan Nutter 2years $677
N/A Bradan Orourke Bradan Orourke $0
17885th Cody Pate Cody Pate 3years $26
2224th Wayne Thomas Wayne Thomas $1,341
5243rd Patrick Juszczak Patrick Juszczak $720