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Rank Name Raised
244th Ryan Tiller Ryan Tiller $1,177
245th Gabe Pacheco Gabe Pacheco 7years $1,176
246th Harsh Kalra Harsh Kalra 5years $1,175
247th Cherie Moreno Cherie Moreno $1,171
248th David Alari David Alari 6years $1,163
249th Erik Brengman Erik Brengman 2years $1,156
250th Lisa Gasque Lisa Gasque $1,154
251st Mary Girouard Mary Girouard 3years $1,153
252nd Michelle Collins Michelle Collins $1,152
253rd Lynda Poush Ueberall Lynda Poush Ueberall 3years $1,144
254th Vicki Wheeler Vicki Wheeler 3years $1,143
255th Bob Wood Bob Wood 4years $1,142
256th Rose Martin Rose Martin 4years $1,139
257th Jim Norris Jim Norris 4years $1,133
258th Mateo Maestas Mateo Maestas 6years $1,132
259th Timothy Powell Timothy Powell 2years $1,128
260th Brian Bradley Brian Bradley 7years $1,126
261st Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 5years $1,125
262nd Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu 4years $1,124
263rd Kim Edgerton Kim Edgerton 3years $1,122