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Rank Name Raised
217th Connie Rogers Connie Rogers $1,084
218th Marcus Harbert Marcus Harbert $1,081
219th John Crespin John Crespin $1,078
220th Linda Rickabaugh Linda Rickabaugh 2years $1,074
221st Jeri Ellis Jeri Ellis 4years $1,071
222nd Dwayne Newton Dwayne Newton 3years $1,068
223rd Samantha Levi Samantha Levi 7years $1,064
224th William Hurt William Hurt $1,064
225th carla cosentino carla cosentino 2years $1,060
226th Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 2years $1,057
227th Steve Sapita Steve Sapita 2years $1,056
228th Maria Papadimitropoulos Maria Papadimitropoulos $1,053
229th Hien Tran Hien Tran $1,050
230th Marcelo Assis Marcelo Assis 2years $1,050
231st RICK WINTERS RICK WINTERS 4years $1,050
232nd Teri B Chapman Teri B Chapman 3years $1,049
233rd Mick Lambert Mick Lambert $1,042
234th John Piponidis John Piponidis 2years $1,041
235th Rodolfo Vega Rodolfo Vega $1,040
236th Joanne Kenney Joanne Kenney 2years $1,040