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Rank Name Raised
237th Chris Schnyder Chris Schnyder $443
238th Zoe Elewitz Zoe Elewitz $441
239th You Qing Lin You Qing Lin $440
240th Otto Enax Otto Enax $440
240th Wesley Hare Wesley Hare $440
242nd Thomas McNealy Thomas McNealy $435
243rd Catherine Colquhoun Catherine Colquhoun $435
244th Kelly Scollard Kelly Scollard $435
245th Michael Weitzman Michael Weitzman $426
246th Chad Westhouse Chad Westhouse $424
247th Mark Mitri Mark Mitri $422
248th Laura Marston Laura Marston $421
249th Kevin Wendt Kevin Wendt $421
250th Kristin Cikowski Kristin Cikowski $421
251st Joe Ramirez Joe Ramirez $420
252nd Annyetta Lyttle Annyetta Lyttle $415
N/A Kristin Moto Kristin Moto $414
253rd Mike Bonham Mike Bonham $413
254th Jim Solloway Jim Solloway $412
255th Dale Ashcom Dale Ashcom $411