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Rank Name Raised
116th Nate Maxfield Nate Maxfield 3years $677
117th Chris Springer Chris Springer 3years $676
118th Kristin Burke Kristin Burke 3years $671
119th Manny Rosario Manny Rosario 6years $668
120th Stephen Bowen Stephen Bowen 3years $665
121st Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 5years $665
122nd Paula Kennedy Paula Kennedy 5years $663
123rd David Vaught David Vaught 3years $661
124th John Bagley John Bagley 6years $660
125th Peggy Andrews Peggy Andrews 7years $658
126th Cory Sellers Cory Sellers 3years $656
127th Keva Shalon Russell Keva Shalon Russell 7years $655
128th Charlene Jadlowic Charlene Jadlowic $651
129th Corby Krick Corby Krick 5years $644
130th Ginny Kinne Ginny Kinne 3years $642
131st Lauren Francione Lauren Francione $642
132nd Keith Wasielewski Keith Wasielewski $640
133rd Donald Grove Donald Grove 3years $639
134th Roger Pugh Roger Pugh 6years $637
135th Roseanne Bailey Roseanne Bailey 4years $636