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Rank Name Raised
136th Andy Brough Andy Brough $197
137th Mark Oliver Mark Oliver $195
138th Timothy Franklin-Wood Timothy Franklin-Wood $194
139th Cody Matern Cody Matern $191
140th Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki $190
140th Tara Ortiz Tara Ortiz $190
142nd Brian Phelps Brian Phelps $186
143rd Danny Frohman Danny Frohman $186
144th Paul Wahrer Paul Wahrer $185
145th Thomas Revely Thomas Revely $181
146th Gary Mejia Gary Mejia $181
147th Maribeth Medich Maribeth Medich $180
147th Sunil Kidambi Sunil Kidambi $180
149th Jack Ryder Jack Ryder $177
150th Hector Garcia Hector Garcia $175
150th Steven Marshall Steven Marshall $175
152nd Stephen Bowen Stephen Bowen $174
153rd Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $171
154th Jennifer Andreoni Jennifer Andreoni $170
155th Ann Hewitt Ann Hewitt $165