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Rank Name Raised
529th Dave Roberts Dave Roberts 2years $200
1475th Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic 6years $52
N/A Dave Shelton Dave Shelton $0
N/A Dave Shimer Dave Shimer 4years $0
N/A Dave Terrian Dave Terrian 3years $0
N/A Dave Villanueva Dave Villanueva $0
N/A Dave Waldburger Dave Waldburger 5years $0
918th Dave Zuleger Dave Zuleger 3years $104
N/A David A John David A John $0
N/A David Adae David Adae 7years $0
N/A David Adams David Adams 5years $0
N/A David Alari David Alari 6years $0
N/A David Alvarado David Alvarado $0
N/A David Anderson David Anderson 3years $0
N/A David Arnold David Arnold 7years $0
N/A David Arst David Arst 7years $0
1215th David Beals David Beals 3years $78
N/A David Beeson David Beeson 4years $0
N/A David Belisle David Belisle 2years $0