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Rank Name Raised
59th B Chiprin B Chiprin 4years $2,111
60th Steve Carr Steve Carr 3years $2,109
61st Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $2,106
62nd Jerry Castillo Jerry Castillo 5years $2,097
63rd Edward Richards Edward Richards 4years $2,094
64th Michael Benenati Michael Benenati 3years $2,091
65th Glen Justice Glen Justice 2years $2,091
66th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll 7years $2,062
67th Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli 4years $2,054
68th Brian Wheeler Brian Wheeler $2,035
69th Cheri Gallagher Cheri Gallagher 2years $2,016
70th Lance Decker Lance Decker 5years $1,987
71st Jamar Mack Jamar Mack 2years $1,980
72nd Carmen Canals Carmen Canals 3years $1,965
73rd David Hildner David Hildner 4years $1,953
74th Bart Smith Bart Smith 5years $1,920
75th Michael Payne Michael Payne 4years $1,906
76th Connie Rogers Connie Rogers 2years $1,886
77th Joseph Galviz Joseph Galviz $1,870
1072nd Justin Despain Justin Despain 2years $1,861