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Rank Name Raised
310th Brian Hvid Brian Hvid $52
310th Bruce Stemme Bruce Stemme $52
310th Bryan Lee Bryan Lee $52
310th Eddie White Eddie White $52
310th Emily Lane Emily Lane $52
310th Etty Sims Etty Sims $52
310th Greg Larson Greg Larson $52
310th Jason Lewis Jason Lewis $52
310th Jeff Jilson Jeff Jilson $52
310th Jodi Zarin Jodi Zarin $52
310th John Brennan John Brennan $52
310th John Hunt John Hunt $52
310th Juany Leal Juany Leal $52
310th Julie Gatesman Julie Gatesman $52
310th Kevin Coulter Kevin Coulter $52
310th Kevin Paul Deteau Kevin Paul Deteau $52
310th Kurt Mathews Kurt Mathews $52
310th Lynda Wilkinson Lynda Wilkinson $52
310th MaryElla Jones MaryElla Jones $52
310th Nancy Waller Nancy Waller $52