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Rank Name Raised
447th Clinton McCartney Clinton McCartney 3years $843
448th Mary Hurley Mary Hurley 2years $843
449th Cody Cohen Cody Cohen 3years $842
450th Jana Norman Jana Norman 2years $841
451st Kevin Steward Kevin Steward 3years $840
452nd Todd Kindig Todd Kindig 2years $839
453rd David Cote David Cote 5years $838
454th Terry Newell Terry Newell $838
455th Janette Slusher Janette Slusher 3years $836
456th Holly Bushway Strömme Holly Bushway Strömme $834
457th Carlos Torres Carlos Torres 3years $833
458th Gary Christopher Gary Christopher 3years $832
459th Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton 4years $831
460th John Cook John Cook $828
461st Lisa Atkinson Lisa Atkinson $828
462nd Jeff Vitale Jeff Vitale 3years $823
463rd Faith Wilcox Faith Wilcox $823
464th Ray Skinner Ray Skinner $823
465th Robert de Leon Robert de Leon 2years $823
466th Kara Granade Kara Granade 3years $821