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Rank Name Raised
3303rd Matthew Ranville Matthew Ranville 3years $108
3304th Jessica Beck-Miller Jessica Beck-Miller $108
3305th John Strassenreiter John Strassenreiter 7years $107
3305th Mike Todd Mike Todd 3years $107
3307th Alexander Willis Alexander Willis 5years $107
3307th Eileen Russo Warner Eileen Russo Warner 4years $107
3309th Linda Lang Linda Lang 5years $107
3310th Amanda Beal Amanda Beal 3years $107
3311th Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban 5years $107
3311th Taylor Hicks Taylor Hicks 2years $107
3313th Samantha Theriaque Samantha Theriaque $107
3314th Abbey Bury Abbey Bury 2years $106
3314th Dawn Uhland Dawn Uhland $106
3314th Karen Smith Karen Smith $106
3314th Samantha Kasa Samantha Kasa 2years $106
3318th Cody McCarter Cody McCarter $106
3319th Walter Hogan Walter Hogan $106
3320th Arthur Navakuku Arthur Navakuku $106
3320th Tony Sacco Tony Sacco 3years $106
3322nd Angelique M. Schuster Angelique M. Schuster 2years $105