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Rank Name Raised
6995th Beth Gist Beth Gist $576
6995th Nicole McClue Nicole McClue 2years $576
6997th Eileen Siterlet Eileen Siterlet 2years $576
6998th Heidi Fogt Heidi Fogt 2years $576
6999th Kaihl Brassfield Kaihl Brassfield $576
7000th Adam Downs Adam Downs 5years $576
7001st Teresa Blackley Teresa Blackley $576
7002nd Conner Gleason Conner Gleason $576
7003rd Steven Castellion Steven Castellion 2years $576
7004th Alan Gold Alan Gold 2years $576
7005th Jessica Guldin Jessica Guldin 2years $576
7005th Mandy Hatcher Mandy Hatcher 3years $576
7007th Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne $576
7008th David Jackson David Jackson $576
7009th Jessi Abbeg Jessi Abbeg 2years $576
7010th Drew Hebdon Drew Hebdon $576
7011th Renee Adams Renee Adams $576
7012th Pansy Simpson Pansy Simpson 2years $576
7013th Ann Forrest Ann Forrest $576
7014th Allen Meacham Allen Meacham 7years $576