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Rank Name Raised
7163rd Rinie Marin Rinie Marin $10
7163rd Robert Sigmund Robert Sigmund $10
7163rd Rodger Moran Rodger Moran 3years $10
7163rd Ronald Rodriguez Ronald Rodriguez $10
7163rd Sabrina Jefferies Sabrina Jefferies 3years $10
7163rd Salih Cavdar Salih Cavdar 2years $10
7163rd Sandra Hogue Sandra Hogue 4years $10
7163rd Santiago Rojas Santiago Rojas $10
7163rd Scott Wilson Scott Wilson $10
7163rd Shana Johnson Shana Johnson $10
7163rd Shayla Carpenter Shayla Carpenter 3years $10
7163rd Stephanie Carey Stephanie Carey 5years $10
7163rd Steven Clark Steven Clark $10
7163rd Syed Talha Noor Syed Talha Noor $10
7163rd Tammy May Tammy May $10
7163rd Thomas Nix Thomas Nix $10
7163rd Tina Almgreen Tina Almgreen $10
7163rd Vanessa Castro Vanessa Castro 2years $10
7163rd Vincent lewis Matthews Vincent lewis Matthews $10
7163rd Walter A Neimantas Walter A Neimantas 2years $10