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Rank Name Raised
7087th Kevin Wentz Kevin Wentz $574
7088th Nathan Abar Nathan Abar 2years $574
7089th Kea Adams Ouch Kea Adams Ouch $573
7090th Bryan Scheller Bryan Scheller 2years $573
7091st Jennifer Cantu Jennifer Cantu 3years $104
7091st Rick Anderson Rick Anderson 2years $573
7092nd Emerson Estill Emerson Estill $573
7093rd Markus M. Ernst Markus M. Ernst 3years $573
7094th Clarence Lea Clarence Lea $573
7095th Aiden Wheeler Aiden Wheeler $573
7096th Donovan Bremer Donovan Bremer 4years $573
7097th Alison Bunting Alison Bunting $573
7098th Annelore Ganz Annelore Ganz 3years $573
7099th Dillon Walsh Dillon Walsh $573
7100th Darren Darby Darren Darby $573
7101st Quincy Coleman Quincy Coleman $573
7102nd Angela Marie Allen Angela Marie Allen $573
7103rd Helene ColonRaphael Helene ColonRaphael $573
7104th Resmy Francis Koppara Resmy Francis Koppara 2years $573
7105th Roland Vela Roland Vela 2years $573