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Rank Name Raised
7127th Aaron Hellwig Aaron Hellwig 3years $569
7127th Noel Nicholas Noel Nicholas 7years $569
7127th Phil Wojcinski Phil Wojcinski $569
7130th Chance Brown Chance Brown 3years $569
7130th Flannery Kreutzer Flannery Kreutzer 3years $569
7130th George Kemp George Kemp 6years $569
7130th John Lucero John Lucero 2years $569
7130th Paul Mooney Paul Mooney 2years $569
7135th Joel Warren Joel Warren 7years $569
7135th Joseph Abbott Joseph Abbott 3years $569
7137th Korri Mehrkens Korri Mehrkens 2years $569
7138th Brennan Dunville Brennan Dunville 6years $569
7139th Miriela Cooper Miriela Cooper 3years $569
7140th Marcus Chavez Marcus Chavez $569
N/A James Stoops James Stoops 2years $0
7141st Kimberly Dixson Kimberly Dixson 4years $569
7142nd Lana Lane Lana Lane $568
7143rd William Rohn William Rohn 3years $568
7144th Thomas Herholz Thomas Herholz 5years $568
7145th Barbara Drobes Barbara Drobes 2years $568