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Rank Name Raised
115th Trevis Williams Trevis Williams $1,830
116th Michael Petrella Michael Petrella $1,819
117th Sue Marlais Sue Marlais $1,808
118th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $1,801
119th Bob Bois Bob Bois $1,799
120th Chris Belcher Chris Belcher $1,778
121st Tricia Norris Tricia Norris $1,770
122nd Nicki Gernot Nicki Gernot $1,764
123rd Matthew Cook Matthew Cook $1,763
124th Andy Moss Andy Moss $1,755
125th Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli $1,737
126th Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $1,728
127th Todd Merker Todd Merker $1,726
128th Ethan Lord Ethan Lord $1,719
129th Jim Polites Jim Polites $1,706
130th Scott Hammon Scott Hammon $1,700
131st Matthew Farley Matthew Farley $1,695
132nd Darlene Stewart Darlene Stewart $256
132nd Jodi Zarin Jodi Zarin $1,683
133rd Dan Burk Dan Burk $1,667