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Rank Name Raised
57th Jeremy McHenry Jeremy McHenry $72.45
N/A Jeremy Sawyer Jeremy Sawyer $0
N/A Jerry Ziffer Jerry Ziffer $0
N/A Jesse Daniels Jesse Daniels $0
N/A Jesse Rothfork Jesse Rothfork $0
53rd Jesse Urban Jesse Urban $92.58
N/A Jesse Yanko Jesse Yanko $0
116th Jessica Renee Jessica Renee $25.88
74th Jessica Rummery Jessica Rummery $50
45th Jessica Shockley Jessica Shockley $100
N/A Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson $0
N/A Jessica Summitt Jessica Summitt $0
N/A Jessica Wiggins Jessica Wiggins $0
N/A Jim Bowman Jim Bowman $0
N/A Jim Davis Jim Davis $0
N/A Jim Pirtle Jim Pirtle $0
N/A Jimmy Barela Jimmy Barela $0
N/A Joan Findley Joan Findley $0
N/A Joann Hauser Joann Hauser $0
60th Joanne Nugent-Ward Joanne Nugent-Ward $70