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Rank Name Raised
316th Dave Hahn Dave Hahn 2years $72
N/A Dave Harris Dave Harris 7years $0
N/A Dave Kinney Dave Kinney 3years $0
N/A Dave Rinker Dave Rinker 7years $0
N/A David A John David A John $0
N/A David Alari David Alari 6years $0
N/A David Anderson David Anderson 3years $0
N/A David Arst David Arst 7years $0
25th David Bogardus David Bogardus 2years $1,009
N/A David Bunce David Bunce 2years $0
N/A David Busch David Busch 2years $0
N/A David Calloway David Calloway $0
N/A David Carr David Carr 6years $0
N/A David Christopher David Christopher $0
480th David Combs David Combs 4years $15
99th David Cote David Cote 5years $398
N/A David Dearborn David Dearborn $0
N/A David Debose David Debose David Debose David Debose $0
N/A David Forbes David Forbes 2years $0
N/A David Gilbert David Gilbert 2years $0