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Rank Name Raised
20th Brandon Gilmore Brandon Gilmore $462
N/A ThảoTâm Trần ThảoTâm Trần $0
21st Lisa Stout Lisa Stout $439
22nd Scott Bocketti Scott Bocketti $382
23rd Matthew Gabay Matthew Gabay $377
24th Maciej Mackowicz Maciej Mackowicz $311
N/A shaune Campbell shaune Campbell $0
25th BJ McElmurry BJ McElmurry $308
26th Ronie Sandoval Ronie Sandoval $298
27th Bruce Vogel Bruce Vogel $290
28th Buck Buchanan Buck Buchanan $287
29th Chris Wirtz Chris Wirtz $280
30th Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann $259
31st Kevin Daly Kevin Daly $253
32nd LeeAnn Payne LeeAnn Payne $252
33rd Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero $252
34th Stacy Morton Stacy Morton $243
35th Taylor lewin Taylor lewin $240
36th Jeff Grover Jeff Grover $231
37th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $230