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Rank Name Raised
12958th Donnie Gilmore Donnie Gilmore $140
14606th John Tonetti John Tonetti 4years $83
1327th Mark Wills Mark Wills 2years $1,713
1902nd Kristina Paula Kristina Paula 2years $1,378
4196th Michael Meyer Michael Meyer 2years $800
3076th Roger Penn Roger Penn $1,012
12936th Andre Peralta Andre Peralta 4years $142
194th John Zrebny John Zrebny 2years $4,421
N/A Cory Paquin Cory Paquin 3years $0
1106th Beth Patrikas Beth Patrikas 6years $1,961
1196th Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 2years $1,842
3rd Rob Lubas Rob Lubas 5years $24,324
1706th Candace Monzingo Candace Monzingo 2years $1,476
926th James Fuller James Fuller 2years $2,209
N/A Jon Graham Jon Graham $0
2171st John Box John Box 4years $1,255
13827th Stephen Bartels Stephen Bartels 3years $104
12438th Ricardo Veloz Sarmiento Ricardo Veloz Sarmiento 3years $25
N/A Jeff Cunningham Jeff Cunningham 3years $0
575th Alvin Guingab Alvin Guingab 2years $2,786