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Rank Name Raised
7720th Jim Gifford Jim Gifford $21
7720th Jo Parente Jo Parente 2years $21
7720th Johanna Angeles Johanna Angeles 4years $21
7720th John Christensen John Christensen $21
7720th John Curri John Curri $21
7720th John Kent John Kent $21
7720th John Reams John Reams 2years $21
7720th Johncy Dufresne Johncy Dufresne $21
7720th Joli Cullen Joli Cullen 3years $21
7720th Jon Kinnischtzke Jon Kinnischtzke $21
7720th Jonathan Shaffer Jonathan Shaffer 2years $21
7720th Jonathan Snow Jonathan Snow $21
7720th Jonathon Hardy Jonathon Hardy $21
7720th Jorge Padilla Jorge Padilla 2years $21
7720th Joseph Amey Joseph Amey 2years $21
7720th Joshua Gibbs Joshua Gibbs $21
7720th Joyce Howden Joyce Howden 6years $21
7720th Judi Orme Judi Orme 4years $21
7720th Julie Lewallen Julie Lewallen $21