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Rank Name Raised
115th Susan Shimamura Susan Shimamura $1,667
116th Nancy C Haas Nancy C Haas $1,659
117th Pete Gatlin Pete Gatlin $1,655
118th Kathleen Halleck Kathleen Halleck $1,649
119th Daniel DiGirolamo Daniel DiGirolamo $1,645
120th Dan Burk Dan Burk $1,641
121st Ted Delaney Ted Delaney $1,641
122nd Laura Borchert Laura Borchert $1,637
123rd Mona Benrashid Mona Benrashid $1,636
124th Matthew Oden Sr. Matthew Oden Sr. $1,635
125th sean nice sean nice $1,627
126th Aaron Kidd Aaron Kidd $1,618
127th Liz Menard Liz Menard $1,617
128th Geoff VanDeusen Geoff VanDeusen $1,615
129th John Habif John Habif $1,614
130th Cody Cohen Cody Cohen $1,605
131st Carla Waugh Carla Waugh $1,603
132nd Darlene Stewart Darlene Stewart $256
132nd Peggy Andrews Peggy Andrews $1,603
133rd Paxton Hunter Paxton Hunter $1,602