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Rank Name Raised
171st Bryan Buckley Bryan Buckley $800
172nd Howard Lord Howard Lord $800
173rd John Brennan John Brennan $799
174th Ricky Ray Ricky Ray $799
175th Connie Fuelling Connie Fuelling $798
176th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings $795
177th Jodi Blubaugh Jodi Blubaugh $788
178th Jim Perlberg Jim Perlberg $786
179th Gary Wilkerson Gary Wilkerson $785
180th Wesley Hare Wesley Hare $781
181st Gordon Johnson Gordon Johnson $779
182nd Molly Duda Molly Duda $775
183rd Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton $773
184th Christine O'Riley Christine O'Riley $770
184th George Shumar George Shumar $770
186th Annie Doherty Annie Doherty $770
187th ytziar cori ytziar cori $766
188th Steven BERGHORN Steven BERGHORN $765
189th Yessica Reyes Yessica Reyes $765
190th Mark Whitcomb Mark Whitcomb $762